The problem with being a photographer is that you are almost always behind the camera so there are very few pictures in which you feature.

This is the most recent image I can offer, taken whilst I was enjoying the most amazing birthday present - an alpaca trek! Alpacas are as gentle and friendly as they look and are regularly called on as therapy animals. To sidestep some of the stress of everyday life I can really recommend trekking with the Wyld Court alpacas of Hampstead Norreys.

I am an experienced freelance photographer and videographer. Much of my work is carried out with different departments of Oxford University, providing coverage for conferences, lectures, seminars and social events as well as headshots for professional profiles.

It is a real joy to work with young actors and dancers, providing headshots and publicity material for their developing online visibility. A regularly updated online  presence is an essential part of their working life. Capturing the work of dancers in performance is wonderful. 

Marketing work is always a really enjoyable chance to expand and add value to a client's original vision. Working with a wide range of organisations offers me the opportunity to suggest successful strategies I have observed elsewhere.

Careful planning and a relaxed and flexible approach by everyone involved means that family photoshoots are always incredible fun!                                                                           

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